Lilli Winstead

My husband and I had decided it was time to settle down in Virginia. We invested in new windows, granite countertops, and flooring. We were hoping to make a great return on our investment and decided we would try and sell the house ourselves. So we went to work and put house up for sale FSBO. We were willing to allow real estate agents to come in as well. One of the agents posed as a regular person coming in to look at the house and it wasn’t until we ask her about her having an agent that she stated she was an agent. Another agent was describing how he could get the most for our home by manipulating clients.
Then Jill called us. She had positive things to say and did not feed us any lines and left us her card. After about four weeks we decided she would be our agent. Everything went so smoothly and quickly. We were in constant communication with her because we had moved already. She had 2 to 3 open houses within a month. We sold our house and made the profit we were hoping to make to so that we would have a substantial investment for our new place in retirement. Jill was very professional, not overbearing, and she really looked out for us. Thanks Jill.

— Lilli Winstead